What is the "ODMCoin" token and why it should be in everyone's portfolio?

ODMCoin ICO is starting soon! As you all may know what is ICO (Crowdfunding model where each project issues its own token for sale) and tokens giving privileges to its holders. Good examples are ODMCoin tokens that grant a right to join BIC and use club’s services.

In fact, our main goal is much greater!

Interesting facts about ODMCoin

  • All ODMCoin tokens are issued before ICO will start
  • 1 token price is set at $0,066
  • A number of tokens are limited. Only 100,000,000 of tokens was issued, which means that ICO cap with excluded founders share, bounty and bonus tokens are less than $4,2 million of dollars
  • After the end of the ICO, the not-sold tokens will be burned
  • After ICO tokens can be traded on exchange platforms

At investment point, the token is backed with a real product and current production. To demonstrate that we are providing documents, agreements and achievements in Oil&Gas sector for your review.

Existing contracts and agreements with oil producers (Rosneft) make token to be a more result-predictable investment because the whole project has a high demand for its services for many years ahead.

Two important points here:

  • First, let’s not forget that tokens themselves are main value of any ICO. Tokens have their own price during ICO it is set at $0,066. Upon completion, tokens will be listed on major exchange platforms and a token price will start a float depending on how successful news from ODMCoin will come. As a company grows, it is expected that value of a token will increase too.
  • And why ODMCoin token rates will grow.

In the coming year we are seeing at least three events that should positively affect the token price:

  • ICO completion and listing on American exchange platforms. Currently, the SEC of United States does not allow US Citizens to participate in ICO. That decreases our potential amount that we could raise. But it’s good for token holders: after listing on crypto exchange platforms, citizens of most countries will have an opportunity to buy them without limits. And we count on that Americans will make our token instantly grow.
  • Listing on major exchange platforms. Current list of platforms where ODMC can be traded includes following: litebit.eu, btc-alpha.com, c-cex.com, livecoin.net, spacebtc.com, cryptodao.com, bittylicious.com. We plan also to get a spot on much larger platforms and we think this can also push ODMCoin token price up.
  • We anticipate environmental legislation to be enacted for Oil producer to process their oil drilling wastes.

We wouldn’t recommend you to sell tokens fast. The cherry on the cake is when manufacturing of oil drilling sludge processing complexes will be launched. This is when we expect ODMC price grow enormously. Be patient to see that.

To invest in the "ODMC" tokens, while they are at $0.066, you can at the ICO. At the moment, we collected preICO $200.000 and launched an international PR campaign.

Pre-order tokens on the best terms right now on the website!