Tyumen. ODMCoin is one of the first blockchain based projects in Oil&Gas sector. They announced about improvements made and ICO start that is on March 17th, 2018.

Together with ODMCoin project, the team is developing two other related projects. They are Blockchain Industrial Club (blockchain based association of enterprises) and BI-Platform (a service that helps generate smart-contracts without knowledge of programming). The investors can get the BIC and BIP tokens together with the ODMC tokens.
«Token is based on real product and industry. It is confirmed with the documents on our official website. The contracts and agreements with such largest oil producing companies like Rosneft and Surgutneftegas make our token a reliable and predictable investment, as the project is already in demand for many years ahead» - said Alexander Doronin, the ODMCoin CEO.
The team does care for the project to make money both in real business and crypto economy. To do this, all the assets of the company and accounting will be transferred to the blockchain. It will help develop the projects in which the token will be in demand and will work in the system.
«We plan to sell 22 000 tokens. After the ICO is over, the token will be added to the listings of some large exchangers. As long as the ODMCoin company is growing the token rate will be growing too», - noted Alexander.
«Join our projects and help promote crypto economy. Follow our official website for more information and updates», - invited Alexander Doronin.

Source: http://en.angi.ru/news/2006-ODMCoin%20announces%20about%20ICO%20start/