On the 14th of November Moscow will host the 1st PRACTICAL CONFERENCE “BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY IN OIL AND GAS SECTOR. HOW TO PROFIT?”.  Among the speakers there will be specialists experienced in Blockchain technologies and raising funds through cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology is getting popular in completely different sectors.  It even attracts such areas as health care, energy and financial sector. 
The oil and gas industry is considered to be one the most conservative. However, as the traders say, even this sector will meet innovations and changes. Mining companies can start using Blockchain technology in the nearest future.
At the conference you will
know about new and promising opportunities to raise funds;
meet specialists, experienced in arranging and holding ICO (Initial Coin Offering);
listen to Managers succeeded in raising money for their projects. 
The experts in the field of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency were invited to participate in the conference. 
We will talk about all issues related to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency:
Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and others). How to use in current industries.
Legislative regulation: opportunities and threats.
Capitalisation and growth rates in 2017/2018 year.
The Blockchain in the oil and gas sector and related industries. Technologies and their potential opportunities.
Industrial mining. Equipment. Data centers. How to use the available energy capacity.
ICO in industrial sector. How to arrange and hold tokensale for technical startups and industrial facilities. What are the features? 
The choice of assets for investment. Startups or running companies. The practice of applying 
Funding in terms of sanctions. New opportunities to attract investors.
Alexander Doronin - CEO of ODMCoin project, oil and gas service company.
Denis Smirnov — Blockchain-consultant and cryptocurrency researcher, Lisk, regional representative in Russia.
Vladimir Levchenko — Economist, analyst, Business FM radio station  linkman.
Vladimir Gamza — Chairman of the RF CCI Committee for financial markets and credit organizations, Partner of economic-legal consulting "Audit group". 
Dmitry Potapenko — Entrepreneur, economist, managing partner of Management Development Group Inc.

Source: https://industryinsider.ru/?event=cointek-2017