Tyumen. The world's first blockchain option in the oil and gas sector ODMCoin continues to make a progress. They developed a Blockchain Industrial Club which is a platform to regulate the interaction among participants of the ODMCoin project and token holders. As a remind,  the company is implementing the project which lets to process oil drilling mud into the material for building roads  right at the well site.

The changes were introduced while preparation to the new stage of ICO to raise money for the project.

Alexander Doronin, the CEO of the project, told about the new platform and its opportunities.

-Alexander, what was the purpose of the creation of the new blockchain platform?

-We decided to establish the Blockchain Industrial Club (BIC) as a result of a thorough market analysis and study of blockchain technologies in the real sector of the economy. Blockchain Industrial Club creates its own blockchain platform to regulate interaction among club members and token holders. It works on the Bi Platform programming platform.

-Why did you decide to use Bi Platform programming platform?

- Bi platform is developed to make secure transactions with the help of smart contracts and escrow agents (investment, profit sharing, loans, patents, etc.). It’s is an opensource project based on Ethereum source codes and it’s got a lot of advantages.  It lets make smart contracts without the knowledge of programming with the help of ready templates and forms, register real resources of users and organizations for their further exchange. The platform allows to implement a patent base with transparent payments from companies to authors for using their technologies, create a stock exchange of resources and finances and provide access to global markets.

Each investor will need to install a wallet application, which is a part of the blockchain node. To expand the functions of the Bi platform and BIC audience Ethereum blockchain app platform will be integrated.

Bi Platform and its functionality also allows the scientific and innovative community of young people and professionals, experts, scientists, engineers, advisers, designers etc., to participate in the development of the platform. Social entrepreneurship is provided through the support of young professionals, innovators in cooperation with accelerators, Universities and high school.

With the administrative support it can provide the platform with necessary ideas for the planned development of сo-created projects in domestic and international markets.

-Will your own blockchain platform let you work without 3rd party which is to control commitment of obligations between parties?

-Yes, you are right. Bi Platform has all functionality needed to link investors, businesses and end customers without intermediaries to solve the basic problem of escrow in the projects. Club’s tokens and tokens of the platform will be distributed separately and are digital asset for the implementation of different operations on its own platform. ICO will be hold on Ethereum platform. Further Blockchain Industrial projects’ ICOs will be held on Bi Platform. Soft cap for the implementation of the ODMC project remains $1 400 000. After the soft cap is raised all ODMC tokenholders will get Bi Platform tokens and Blockchain Industrial Club tokens via smart contracts. Mid cap for implementation of the ODMC project is $2 800 000. After that only Bi platform tokens will be sold. Hard cap is $4 200 000. Those who have already taken part in preICO will get Bi Platform tokens.

Source: http://en.angi.ru/news/1390-Tyumen%20oil%20and%20gas%20ODMCoin%20project%20makes%20its%20own%20blockchain%20platform/