Oil services start-up company from Tyumen just finished.
Tyumen oil services project raised funds in cryptocurrencies. 
Cryptocurrencies are funding Tyumen innovations. 
First of a kind oil services startup company ODMCoin just completed PreICO and raised $200,000 to continue with a project development. Raised funds will be allocated to boost following ICO international campaign to get resources to finance manufacture machinery for processing oil drilling sludge into fuels and building materials. So far, major investments more than 60% came from Russian Federation, 10% from USA, European countries with 7% and other 7% from Asia. 
“This project is related to real sector of economy, and this first experience showed us that people believe in the project and are ready to invest. Right now, we mainly focus on upcoming international ICO campaign to raise funds for production” – said Alexandr Doronin, CEO of ODMCoin.
Soon, manufacture of two SR-3 complexed will be launched. Just to remind that project aims to process oil drilling mud wastes into fuels and building material right on the well site. All necessary machinery will be manufactured on one of the Tyumen factories, production line is being prepared as of right now. Complexes are already anticipated at one of Rosneft oil wells after partnership agreement was signed. It is planned to manufacture 10 complexes during 2018, which also would support overall project capital growth. From October 2nd till October 31st anyone could become a co-owner of one of those complexes. One ODMCoin will cost $66 to purchase. Token buyback period will start in July 2018 and price will be two times higher. 
Please, note that just in Russia alone more than 3 million of tonnes are formed yearly and currently there are over 110 million of tonnes already acumulated 
It's known that oil industry is potentially envoronmentally hazardous due to its nature. Toxicity of extracted hydrocarbons and technological substances used while drilling added to the list of hazards. Oil drilling sludge and mud wastes  traditionally were stored in excavated pits, which has negative impact on environment. With ongoing increase in ecological requirements most of the oil pits are getting liquidated.  
ODMCoin is the first project to offer investment blockchain option and to combine new technologies in finance and oil drilling mud wastes processing.