"Our idea is not just the utilization of oil sludge, but processing into building material for roads, technical water and ready-made fuel. Research has been conducted since 2013. Experimental facilities UBSH-1.5., Alfa-9, Alfa-T have been tested and ready for scaling. "- said Vladimir Kuznetsov, production manager.

One such SR-3 complex is capable of servicing 2 wells simultaneously, its capacity is 1620 tons per month. And the savings of oil companies will be about $ 50 per ton. At the moment, the startup has a contract with the oil company to pass the pilot trials of their wells. The volume of the market is 110 million tons of oil sludge. Crypto currency is secured by future contracts for processing oil sludge, which is $ 132 per ton, and the entire oil sludge processing market is estimated at $ 15 billion.