Today, on the 29th of November, Saint-Petersburg is going to host a regular annual meeting of Financial Directors Club. This is a new project of the Conference Department of “Vedomosti” newspaper. Traditionally, participants discuss issues like key trends of the economy for the next year, general financial issues, analysis of effective practices of corporate Finance and modern instruments to attract funding are discussed.

Among participants of this events there are representatives of government bodies, Financial Directors, General Directors of large and medium-sized companies, chief accountants, partners, consulting firms, heads of legal departments, financial analysts and controllers, heads of legal departments, the media. The event will consist of presentations and discussions.

From the beginning of 2017 there have been attracted about $2.3 billion of funding with the help of crypto currency. It is compared to $100 million in 2016. Initial public offering with cryptocurrencies as a way of raising capital has become very popular this year. According to The Wall Street Journal it has been raised a record $1.32 billion in the third quarter of the year.

The experts of the Club will answer the most common questions and share their opinion whether cryptocurrency can replace traditional currency, whether real businesses can raise funds with the help of  ICO, how blockchain technology could facilitate the work of the Financial Director.

Alexander Doronin, the CEO of ODMCoin, will make a report on the project  "The First investment blockchain option for the oil and gas sector in the world. The ICO in the real sector of the economy". He will also participate in the discussion session on "Modern instruments to raise funds and prospects of ICO". Just to remind, ODMCoin ICO  starts on the 1st of December at 2p.m. MSC.

More details about the project at the official website

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