1. What's oil drilling mud?

Oil drilling mud is is a liquid, paste-like or solid waste that is a mixture of oil (oil products), solid phase (soil and ground particles) and water.

2. What methods for oil drilling mud processing and refining are currently on a market?

There are plenty of methods, but our technology allows process oil drilling mud into construction material, electricity and other fuels

3. How much of oil drilling mud is currently accumulated?

Just in Russia alone there are more than 110 million tones of oil drilling mud and over 3 million tones of oil drilling mud generated yearly

4. Where this idea came from, why you decided to take on that project?

Last years I have been working on bringing investments to Tyumen region to modernize existing industrial companies with 80% of them are in Oil&Gas sector, but under current sanctions, tight credit policy and overall decrease in investment activities all that makes it a very significant challenge. With latest successful ICO campaigns in real sector of economy i thought that it would be great idea for that project as well and I am confident that this method of crowdfunding will replace venture investments.

5. Do you know your competitors?

Market for manufacturing oil drilling mud processing machinery is noticeably empty, in our region, as of right now, there is no such production and also I count on our Tyumen region government support on our project

6. Is ODMCoin backed with anything?

ODMCoin is tied to average market price on oil drilling mud processing, which is $132, thus, it will be back by future contracts with Oil&Gas companies to process their wastes. All manufactured machinery, technological and scientific intellectual property will be reflected on balance sheet

7. Why you chose such method of funding?

We don't have enough internal financial resources, traditional way to fund are becoming expensive, bank rates are high and also they are asking to provide substantially large collateral security. Foreign financial and investment markets are generally blocked for Russia and there are also sanctions imposed on Oil&Gas sector. Investors ask for a large share in a company and at the end you may end up with nothing, company scientists and engineers did a lot of work for many years to come up with that technology and ideas.

8. Who can become investor?

Its a crowdfunding pretty much, so anyone could become an investor. Most important is transparency and comfort of making investments. This is why we for our ICO we chose WavesPlatform

9. Investor can earn up to 100% profits in returns?

I would say, that is guaranteed that investor will earn 100% in 8 months, if participates in October ICO, during PreICO we offer additional discounts and first day bonus, also private bonuses for investments over $10,000. Don't forget that ODMCoin will be traded on a market and its price will be regulated accordingly, we are planning to buy it back. We see good interest in our technology, so we expect that ODMCoin price will go up!

10. When I can collect my money?

ODMCoin options after ICO launch in October, 2017 will be traded on a market, so you can offer them on exchange market or wait til price goes up and then sell. We guarantee buyback of ODMCoins at a price of $132 in 8 months after ICO completion on July, 2018

11. Are you planning to pay dividends?

Unfortunately, regulations forbid to guarantee ICO profits, but our dividend policy offers payouts at 10% of net profits and also our investors will be offered to exchange their coins for company shares in event of IPO

12. Are you planning to expand to foreign markets?

We need to manufacture 20 complexes each month to fulfill just Rosneft needs in oil drilling mud processing and for that we need to build a manufacturing plant. Once it's ready we can start expansion to developed countries with strict environmental legislation such as USA

13. If I decide to break contract early how much would I loose?

We guarantee 100% refund, if we don't raise required amount you wouldn't loose anything.

14. How I can ensure that you spend money on production plan?

We will communicate with our investors via media, social networks, website news, share videos and photos at all stages of a project.

15. What risks your project has?

Every business has its own risks, but in our case its lower than average company from real sector of economy has which are financed by banks, for example. Our project will cost 18% less, that is one of our competitive advantages.

16. What concludes your success?

Its a team work! Developers, scientists and engineers V.V. Matvienko, V.A. Kuznetsov, M.V. Zehansky - author of many articles, publications and technology patents along with our specialists in investments, IT and marketing

17. Who is your client

All world Oil&Gas extraction enterprises

18. What level of production output are you targeting?

On a first stage we are planning to manufacture two SR-3 complexes with ability to process 1620 cubic meters monthly. We want to commission them on oil well site and perform industrial testing first and then we plan to upgrade plant to manufacture 20 complexes per month

19. How new competitors may affect my profits?

Such event will not affect ODMCoin market price and thus will not affect investors returns.