1. What is ODMC?

This is a project aimed at the production of equipment to process and recycle oil wastes. The company launces ICO to raise money for the project. ODMCoin is token which is issued and used to account for material resources and user interaction.

2. Is ODMCoin backed with anything?

ODMCoin is tied to average market price on oil drilling mud processing, which is $132, thus, it will be backed with future contracts with Oil&Gas companies to process their wastes. All manufactured machinery, technological and scientific intellectual property will be reflected on balance sheet.

3. Who can become an investor?

Its a crowdfunding pretty much, so anyone could become an investor. Most important is transparency and comfort of making investments.

4. What level of production output are you targeting?

On a first stage we are planning to manufacture two SR-3 complexes with ability to process 1620 cubic meters monthly. We want to commission them on oil well site and perform industrial testing first and then we plan to upgrade plant to manufacture 20 complexes per month

5. Are there any agreements with oil companies to put into operation two SR3 complexes?

There are agreements with the oil companies. Please, find all contracts signed on our website or in your account in "Documents".

6. How long will the ICO last?

ICO will last till the Soft Cap is raised.

7. When will token be available in the exchanges?

The token will be available on the exchange when 10% of Soft Cap is raised.

8. What exchange houses will be used?

HitBTC is one of the best exchanges. Also we plan to have our token on YoBit.Net, EXMO, CEX.

9. If an investor buys ODMCoin tokens before the Soft Cap is raised, he will get BIC and BIP as a bonus. What are these tokens for?

Bi Platform helps to make smart-contracts without knowledge of programming. This platform will have many users and it will be possible to pay with these tokens. For example, it will take 2 minutes for any person to create a token of ERC20 standard.

10. Investors can purchase ODMCoins only at a time when ICO raised funds amount is between $1,4 and $2,8 million, there are no BIC and BIP tokens come with a purchase of ODMCoin tokens in that range. If raised funds amount is between $2,8 and $4,2, then only BIP tokens are sold and no ODMCoins are available for sale. What can investor do with them? Will it be possible to exchange ODM into BIC and BIP and backwards? What is the total number of BIC and BIP coins? Where will these tokens be stored? Will they be on MEW or on the personal account?

All tokens will be of ERC20 standard and stored on the personal account of the website. The users will be able to transfer them to MEW wallet. The Platform allows easily exchange them and use services of the Platform and Club. Their websites will be launched soon and you will be able to know all the options.

11. It is supposed that different companies can join BIC. Is it possible for an oil company to join BIC? What advantages will BIC members have?

The advantages are the legitimacy of companies, opportunities to find investors, services of the platform, mutual payments between the members of the BIC and many others.

12. How are you going to check the legitimacy of the companies?

Each company will be responsible for its stakes. If they give incorrect information about the company, their stakes will be frozen.

13. When will the wallet be available on Android and iOS? Will it be connected to the TOP network?

A convenient wallet on the website and on Android will appear a bit later as the project is developing.