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в нефтегазовой сфере

Blockchain industrial alliance tokens
BI Platform tokens
Based on current production
Innovative production technology with ecological environment in mind

Blockchain Industrial Alliance

Blockchain Industrial Alliance(BIA) – is a network of users and industrial enterprises in blockchain ecosystem «Bi Platform» (Blockchain Industrial Platform) for funding, profits sharing and assets trading.

ODMCoin token gives a right to receive a BIC token of Blockchain Industrial Alliance, which will include companies who are focused on pioneering industrial businesses and development of blockchain.

Blockchain Industrial Alliance is working on its own blockchain (biplatform.io) for regulation of relation between alliance members and token holders.

What is ODMCoin?

ODMCoin is world’s first blockchain product for investing in oilfield service company


ODMcoin is world’s first blockchain for crowd investing in oilfield service company

No Inflation

ODMCoin is not affected by inflation and cryptocurrency volatility which makes it a reliable tool to serve saving purposes and capital gains


Absolute transparency through all investment stages, productional on-site setup and buyback of ODMCoin

Crypto Assets

ODMCoin is a trading crypto-asset


Exchange tokens for discounts on machinery

Final product line

Each investor has an opportunity to receive finished products (Oil, gas, construction materials)

Demand Driver

Demand is backed by environmental legislation in most developed countries


Our team

We are well prepared and ready to initiate the project. Our team includes scientists, engineers, IT developers, marketing and accounting professionals. If you have something that you would like to offer us we’d be happy to review your ideas, experience and talents. Also, you may learn more about our free-lance contracts at your Profile Home page when such are available.

Doronin Aleksandr Alekseevich

Aleksandr Doronin

Project CEO

Project plan development and to ensure achievement of goals; effective networking and establishment of trustful relationships.

Tsekhanskii Mikhail Vladimirovich

Mikhail Tsekhanskii

Deputy Director of Finance

Administrative control of the company, negotiations with potential clients and investors.

Novikov Oleg Nikolaevich

Oleg Novikov

Chief of Science

Research on division of highly-dispersed systems into phases, development of hi-tech catalyst for processing polyethylene and resin into synthetic hydrocarbon fuels.

Yusupov Fanil Faudatovich

Fanil Yusupov

IT Chief

Database architecture, development of investors profile home space, general IT infrastructure support management.

Kuznetsov Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Vladimir Kuznetsov

Production Director

Architecture blueprint for refinery complex, technical management and control of SR-3 complex assembly; technical design for ALFA-9 and ALFA-T complexes, fine-tuning of wastes refinery technology.

Barzhak Irina

Irina Barzhak

Press center Director

Public relations and networking

Vasilkov Vasiliy

Vasiliy Vasilkov

International project support, USA

Public relations, communications and scouting.

Golubkova Lyudmila

Lyudmila Golubkova


Expert on venture investments and digital finance. Managing Partner in Starta Capital

Akimov Zamir

Zamir Akimov


Vice-president of RAKIB for digital assets development, CEO of NEURODAO cryptofund.


Media about ODMC

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Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency in Oil and Gas sector

Source|November 13th, 2017 |
On the 14th of November Moscow will host the 1st PRACTICAL CONFERENCE “BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY IN OIL AND GAS SECTOR. HOW TO PROFIT?”.  Among the speakers there will be specialists..

ODMCoin ICO Review

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ODMCoin - First Investment Blockchain Option In The Oil and Gas Sector

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Tyumen oil and gas ODMCoin project makes its own blockchain platform

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Tyumen.  The world's first blockchain option in the oil and gas sector ODMCoin continues to make a progress. They developed a Blockchain Industrial Club which is a platform to..

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More than 35 billion barrels of oil are produced each year. If you think this number is insane, see what it costs to provide this amount of oil. Billions of..


Official information

Takes part in Financial Directors Club. Saint-Petersburg

November 29th, 2017 |
Today, on the 29 th of November, Saint-Petersburg is going to host a regular annual meeting of Financial Directors Club. This is a new project of the Conference Department..

ODMC участвует в Клубе финансовых директоров

November 29th, 2017 |
Сегодня 29.11.2017 в г.Санкт-Петербурге состоится очередное ежегодное заседание Клуба финансовых директоров. Это новый проект отдела конференций газеты «Ведомости», в рамках которого традиционно происходит комплексное обсуждение ключевых трендов экономики будущего года..

Make money with ODMCoin Bounty program

November 18th, 2017 |
Dear friend,  Take part in ODMCoin Bounty program: write the news, make a video review, publish it on your youtube channel and get ODMCoin tokens!    The..

Заработай на Bounty ODMCoin

November 18th, 2017 |
Друзья приветствуем Вас. Участвуйте в Bounty компании проекта ODMCoin: напиши новость, запиши видео обзор и опубликуй его на своем Youtube канале, и получи токены ODMCoin!  Бюджет на новости, блоги..


November 15th, 2017 |
The news of the day: Today  Moscow hosts the  1st PRACTICAL CONFERENCE “BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY IN OIL AND GAS SECTOR. HOW TO PROFIT?”. Among the speakers there are specialists experienced..

Первая практическая конференция «Blockchain и криптовалюты в нефтегазе. Как заработать?»

November 14th, 2017 |
Новость дня: Сегодня  в Москве проходит Первая практическая конференция «Blockchain и криптовалюты в нефтегазе. Как заработать?» с участием специалистов в области использования технологии Blockchain, и специалистов по привлечению капитала через..

Розыгрыш билета!

November 14th, 2017 |
Проект ODMCoin участвует в масштабном событии от Института фондового рынка и управления (ИФРУ) в Ежегодной XVII Всероссийской конференции участников финансового рынка «Новые финансы», которая состоится 21 ноября 2017 года в..

Команда проекта ODMCoin побывала на прошедшей неделе на отчетном вечере акселератора «Криптобазар»

September 26th, 2017 |
Команда проекта ODMCoin побывала на прошедшей неделе на отчетном вечере акселератора «Криптобазар» (Pre-ICO day). Второй CryptoBazar PRE-ICO DAY презентовал ТОП-10 лучших проектов из 130+ выпускников акселератора! Одно из ключевых событий..

Tokensale is 100% completed. Oil services start-up company from Tyumen just finished.

September 11th, 2017 |
Oil services start-up company from Tyumen just finished. Tyumen oil services project raised funds in cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies are funding Tyumen innovations.  First of a kind oil..

About technology

August 27th, 2017 |
"Our idea is not just the utilization of oil sludge, but processing into building material for roads, technical water and ready-made fuel. Research has been conducted since 2013. Experimental facilities..

ODMCoin the first experts in the crypto currency school

August 21st, 2017 |
On August 17 an event about crypto-literacy was held in the cafe Netorking   Mitap participants learned: What is the crypto currency? Received a list of topical..

Ecological innovation project in the oilfield service industry is on ICO

August 15th, 2017 |
Startup ODMСoin - starts in the market криптовалют. The company wishes at the first stage of the ICO to attract investment in the amount of $ 1,400 thousand on the..
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